Why Need Onboard Video Surveillance System in School Bus?

A video Surveillance systems may be used to monitor and/or record of school bus locations; Ashtopus cutting-edge of Innovative technologies solution applied in school buses and  developed unmatched quality surveillance system for real-time monitoring/recording at anywhere, anytime and anydevice .

Track Your Vehicles in Your Smartphone

Student safety and security is major problems so used onboard video surveillance system in school buses to enhance the safety of students and staff; to protect property against theft and vandalism; and to help identify intruders and persons breaking the security parameter. Every School Children deserve and need a secure and caring environment for learning and developing their potential.

Our Onboard Video Surveillance system for Student Care Solution is unique solution using intelligent combination of RFID, Biometrics, GPS and GPRS Technology. Parents can live monitor the location of their children at any point in real time through the portal and on their Mobile Phone.

Students monitoring system who are granted the privilege of school transportation shall behave in a safe and appropriate manner while they are aboard the vehicle.

Students who behave in an unsafe or inappropriate manner will lose this privilege. School managements are responsible for students’ behavior on the school bus. Students shall obey the instructions of the bus driver, as well as drive follow proper route, speed and behavior according to school principal. If student is facing any problems during transit in school transportation you can easily monitor/record for the purpose of identifying problems that require immediate intervention and for the safety of student on the school bus.

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