3M Cogent provide Innovative Biometric Identification and Verification Solutions

Now a day’s arise various kinds of security and terrorist threats and activities has increased rapidly on global words since the need for public safety and data security. The urgent need passenger check-in, product security, and border management a biometric technology enhance the security infrastructure for public or commercial enterprise security that prevent the loss of confidential data, and protect office, home to installations of biometric applications.

3M cogent applications devices

Ashtopus Tech, Company provides innovative and highest quality identification systems, products, and services with the leading technology. Our biometric, RFID and GPS products and solutions are used for access control, passenger check-in, data security, border management and passenger and vehicle live audio/video streaming and many more.

We supply best biometric Identification and Verification components of 3M Cogent. The 3m cogent is a leading biometric identification solutions provider to in governments, and legal and commercial enterprises.3m cogent systems, services for complete biometric solutions at high degree of authentication in fast and easy to use through various types of other 3M cogent applications, CSD 200 fingerprint scanner, CS500e Live Fingerprint Scanner and CIS 202 Dual IRIS scanner models that can capture forensic-quality images in a reliable and easily.

Are you looking biometric recognition software application kits or devices? Check the latest products system services related to 3m cogent that easy integration into new or existing applications chooses our cost effective solutions at affordable price.


Our company objective offers wide range of biometric products solutions which includes facial identification, IRIS scanner solutions, biometric enrollment solutions, fingerprint/palm scanner systems, physical access control solutions, ID management and credentialing solutions, and logical access control solutions. Biometric identity can help organizations in meeting these new challenges; adding security, convenience, and productivity to their operations.

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