What is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Strategy?

Bluetooth is an innovative approach for promoting business. By establishment of wireless connections between retailers and consumers mobile devices.Bluetooth is the best and most hottest approach to contact potential customers. Its a  technology for sharing information of business offers and automatically communication with nearby customers if found in range.  .Ashtopus Tech have many proximity marketing  and mobile advertising solutions for retailers.

Bluetooth Proximity marketing advantages

Bluetooth proximity application delivers retailers’ business information to the consumer whenever he pass-by nearby that area.There is no time limit for sending or accepting information all through the entire day. It connects vast number of users to transfer information cost free and bother free.

You just need to download our app and then ON the bluetooth of your device, Then select whether you want to acknowledge the information or not. On pressing “Yes” the information related to offers will arrive at your device till the time you remain in range of that store. On next visit if your Bluetooth is ON then you will eventually gets the information. In case you don’t want to acknowledge any more information then choose “NO”, you will not be nudged by the messages.

Why Bluetooth Proximity for advertising?

By choosing Proximity marketing as a tool for advertising, businesses can grow with maximum profit. This is the major advantage which nowadays business person all over the world were realizing and proximity marketing became a point of attraction for them.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Easily search and connect new clients with deals and different advancements
  • It helps to promote business loyalty program and engagement with clients
  • Improve client involvement in store
  • It helps to fast generate customer and area analysis reports .

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