Next Generation Proximity Marketing and Mobile Marketing Solutions

Proximity marketing can help improve a marketing strategy by increasing the relevancy of each transmitted message. This type of marketing provides consumers with content that is applicable to a specific area.

Beacon technology big factor of proximity marketing development in retail marketing it can be a boon for shoppers and store owners, consumer savings and increased merchant sales information to transmit message via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


There are several types of proximity marketing strategies. These strategies can include:

1-on-the-spot digital coupons,

2-bar code marketing,

3-Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal marketing, and

4- Digital signage

These types of marketing can be help full for a business in many ways. Any business or organization that operates in a fixed location can execute a proximity marketing campaign to assist with an extensive marketing strategy. This type of marketing provides general information about a product, business, or service to nearby consumers.

Ashtopus offer some excellent proximity marketing solutions that can take a business to the next level. Contact us to find out more!


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