On Board Video Surveillance Solution and Vehicle Tracking System

On Board Surveillance Solution– offers exhausted information in real-time monitoring and recording about passenger’s & vehicle movements. this system track multiple parameters related to Vehicle ( GPS, Telematics) and Track people access entry/exit in Vehicle ( Cash vans/Secured Vehicles).

Ashtopus Technologies is specialized agency in implementing On Board Video Surveillance and GPS tracking on the buses, taxis, car rentals, tourist bus, delivery van, courier trucks, police van and cash van, on board surveillance systems managing safety to improving vehicle performance.

On Board Video Surveillance Solution
Major benefit of on board surveillance system reducing unauthorized use of vehicles by capturing unapproved use of your vehicles during non-work hours and controlling fuel costs by eliminating unapproved or extended journeys video surveillance increasing vehicle and passenger safety and security. Our on-board surveillance solution systems let you enjoy the security of knowing that your vehicles are always monitored.

Benefits of On Board Video Surveillance

• Keeping the vehicle and passengers safe
• Enabling quick response/action in case of mishap or emergency
• Increased surveillance leading to lesser crimes
• Drivers under control
• Operations Monitoring
• Loss Prevention
• Vandalism Deterrence
• Employee safety
• Public Safety
• Traffic Monitoring
• Identify bullies, vandals and other offenders
• Document chain of events
• Substantiate or refute claims


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