Intelligent Wi-Fi for University Campus

Bad Wi-Fi technology can hamper learning at University Campus.

With the revolution in Mobile device industry in India, these devices have become major learning tools for students. Almost all the students have Smart phones, Laptops and high-end Tablets. But when thousands of students with tablets and laptops hit your wireless network at the same time, learning can grind to a halt. Is your university’s Wi-Fi ready to onboard thousands of students at the same time? Will students wait, idle and disengaged, while your IT staff troubleshoots connectivity problems? What happens when poor Wi-Fi prevents some students from registering for classes or accessing their exams online?

wif solution for University Campus

With a carefully planned wireless LAN from Ashtopus Technologies, your network isn’t the problem—it’s the solution. Ashtopus enables fair and reliable access to digital learning materials. The University’s IT staff cans onboard any user device quickly, easily, and securely, even when students and faculty have multiple mobile devices and the whole campus connects at once.

Call us for evaluation of your existing Wi-Fi set up and give your students access to uninterrupted learning with specially designed Education grade Wi-Fi from Ashtopus.


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