Enhancing Security with Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System

Biometric fingerprint refers to technologies that measure and analyze human physical traits.

Biometrics is used to identify anyone in an accurate, repeatable manner. Physiological characteristics used for biometrics commonly include the face, fingerprints, and DNA. Behavioral characteristics include the user’s digital signature, his or her voiceprint, and walk.

Fingerprint Access Control

Ashtopus Technologies  provide identification and security solutions for innovative ways,our range of biometric products to customize & redefine workspaces through the best office automation and security solutions.

The most secure form of commonly used access control system authentication is accomplished using biometric sensors. Fingerprint readers, iris scanners, and retina scanners are common biometric-style sensors that use unique biometric identifiers to distinguish an individual. These types of sensors increase the sophistication and cost of the system, but provide an extremely high level of security.

Benefits of Biometric Technology 

Benefits of Biometric Technology

For employers

  • Reduced costs – password maintenance
  • Reduced costs – no buddy punching
  • Increased security – no shared or compromised passwords
  • Increased security – deter and detect fraudulent account access
  • Increased security – no badge sharing in secure areas
  • Competitive advantage – familiarity with advanced technology

For employees

  • Convenience – no passwords to remember or reset
  • Convenience – faster login
  • Security – confidential files can be stored securely
  • Non-repudiation – biometrically transactions difficult to refute

For consumers

  • Convenience – no passwords to remember or reset
  • Security – personal files, including emails, can be secured
  • Security – online purchases safer when enabled by biometric
  • Privacy – ability to transact anonymously

For retailers (online and point-of-sale)

  • Reduced costs – biometric users less likely to commit fraud
  • Competitive advantage – first to offer secure transaction method
  • Security – account access much more secure than via password

For public sector usage

  • Reduced costs – strongest way to detect and deter benefits fraud
  • Increased trust – reduced entitlement abuse

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