Install CCTV Camera Live View From Moving Bus and Taxi Location

CCTV Cameras in Public Transport: The recent incident of molestation in bus at Moga (Punjab), again put stress on the need of having security in the public transport. Bus operators avoid such security measure as they believe these are one of incidents. Giving importance to each life/each human being is still a distant dream in our country. It’s not that having cams on board will completely stop such kind of crimes but they will certainly be the strong deterrent to keep offenders away.

 track and monitor a Bus Taxi location

Currently technology is available but 3G bandwidth is an issue. However to have direct streaming to command centre can be done by some tweaking. Ashtopus Technologies has developed a complete solution to Install Rugged Vandal proof Camera with good quality Video recording and streaming (over 3G/4G) with 2 way Audio feedback systems. You can also download the recording over the wife when Bus reaches your bus stand.

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6 thoughts on “Install CCTV Camera Live View From Moving Bus and Taxi Location

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