Commercial Vehicle Onboard Video Systems

Commercial vehicle Onboard video systems are becoming an important safety and security features in Public Transport, School Buses, Tourist Buses and also in Logistic vehicles where you are carrying high value items. These video surveillance systems can be separated into two categories: continuous and event-based recording systems. Current continuous video systems are capable of recording uninterrupted footage from multiple interior and exterior cameras. Event-based video systems record for a designated time both before and after an event, such as a crash or hard braking.

Taxi Camera for remote surveillance

Commercial vehicles such as school buses and passenger coaches are equipped with onboard video systems for a variety of reasons. Video systems can be used (1) to monitor passenger behaviour and dissuade negative actions, such as eve teasing or theft; (2) to monitor traffic surrounding the vehicle and assist in recording the observance of traffic laws; and (3) to enhance driver safety through feedback programs that correct potentially unsafe behaviors.

Currently on board video surveillance technology is available but 3G bandwidth to stream it out is an issue in India. However to have direct streaming to command centre can be done by some tweaking.

nstall CCTV camera On Public Bus

Ashtopus Technologies has developed a complete solution to Install Rugged Vandal proof Camera with good quality Video recording and streaming (over 3G/4G) with 2 way Audio feedback systems. For easy back up one can also download the recording over the wifi when Bus reaches your bus stand. Fleet owners can also monitor driver’s behavior over the camera and also with advance telematic devices attached to system can also get complete understanding of how the vehicle is driven. Sudden braking, fast acceleration, zig-zag driving, off road driving, wrong gear driving etc are important parameters to identify between good driver and bad driver.


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