Biometric Technology Solutions: Process Of Biometric Authentication and Verification

Biometrics the science with technology to measure and analyze biological data of human a biometric system creates high-security authentication system.

Its automated methods of recognizing an individual based on a particular personal characteristic, such as iris- eye recognition, fingerprint, signature verification, DNA voice recognition, face & finger-printing recognition, hand geometry recognition etc.

Biometric Technology Solution

Biometric technology is used for various of types of applications, including Biometric Tablet, Fingerprint Sensor, time attendance & Face reader and IRIS Scanner device these functionality to expansive depending on the application, where biometric system enable .

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Benefits of Biometric Security

Major of the benefit of using or deploying biometrics may be increased security, increased convenience, reduced fraud, or delivery of enhanced services it play important role in different industries, from medicine, science, robotics, engineering, manufacturing and all areas of vertical enterprise businesses.

  1. The benefits of biometric usage and deployment are derived from having a high degree of certainty regarding an individual’s identity.
  2. The benefits lead directly or indirectly to cost savings or to reduced risk of financial losses for an individual

  Types of Biometric Authentication Systems

Biometric Solution Work

There are two types of biometrics authentication

1-Enrollment or Identification Mode:

A method person’s Identity is entered into the database known as enrollment mode and identification systems answer the question, “Who am I?” and do not require that a user claim an identity before comparisons provides his or her biometric data, which is compared to data of users in order to find a match. The answer returned by the system is an identity such as a name or ID number

2 -Verification Mode:    Verification systems answer the question, “Am I who I claim to be?” by requiring that a user claim an identity in order for a biometric comparison to be performed and One to one comparison-compares a sample against single stored template depending on the which type of biometric system in used

Classification of biometric verification

Classification of biometric verification

  • Physical Biometrics
  • Iris
  • Retina
  • Vein Pattern
  • Hand Geometry
  • Face
  • Fingerprint
  • Ear shape
  • Behavioral Biometrics
  • Keystroke dynamics
  • Signature dynamics
  • Walking Gait
  • Voice

How It Works?

The hardware captures the salient human characteristic and software interprets the resulting data and determines acceptability.

Area of application of Biometrics

Biometric Application are used in five main Category 

  • Forensic
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Health-care
  • Traveling
  • Immigration

Some other applications are used in general purpose such as physical access, PC/network access, time and attendance these application automatic identification of people by Voice Fingerprint and Face recognition. CCTV Surveillance major biometric components to help monitor the very busy places such as stadiums, airports, station, meetings, etc.

Advantages of Biometrics

  • Biometric identification can provide extremely accurate, secured access to information; fingerprints, retinal and iris scans produce absolutely unique data sets when done properly
  • Current methods like password verification have many problems (people write them down, they forget them, they make up easy-to- hack passwords)
  • Automated biometric identification can be done very rapidly and uniformly, with a minimum of training.

Disadvantages of Biometrics

  • The finger print of those people working in Chemical industries is often affected. Therefore these companies should not use the finger print mode of authentication. Biometrics is an expensive security solution.
  • For people affected with diabetes, the eyes get affected resulting in differences.
  • It is found that with age, the voice of a person differs. Also when the person has flu or throat infection the voice changes or if there are too much noise in the environment this method may not authenticate correctly. Therefore this method of verification is not workable all the time

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