Stop Child Abuse with The Help of GPS Tracker, Video Surveillance System

We offer comprehensive range of student care surveillance system to prevent children at school abuse with GPS device and RFID reader our aim to provide secure and caring environment for learning and developing their potential. GPS-tracker helps you locate your children activity on real time – through a mobile App or Smartphone or computer.

 Mobile Video Surveillance System
We are expert and innovate to build real time tracker products that enhance your child’s safety during commute, our mission, objectives and goals at GPS technology to implement optimal child care solutions to deliver best possible way that’s help the child feel safe/ secure and enhance the loving bond between you and your child.

Our integrated fail-safe surveillance system ensures that your child is protected from any kind of ill treatment inside the bus .Your child is in safe hands with Ashtopustech!!

GPS Tracking for School Buses
School buses are fitted with ashtopus Tech RFID  solutions for  school bus monitoring   helps  track student real time location on buses base on  rider ship information. Ashtopus servers monitor entire operations of the School Bus fleet on secure portal which can be accessed by School management. Alerts are sent via SMS and Email to parents and school authorities. Live information regarding bus location and student attendance can be viewed from anywhere via mobile devices.
Why Ashtopustech ?
• Accompanying the Child Virtually
• Driver identification
• Crash impact Alerts
• Route monitoring and display
• Speed Alerts live monitoring of bus fleet
• drivers driving practices
• Geo Fencing
• Automated in bus Attendance!
• Pick and drop SMS
• live Tracking by Mobile App
Parents can monitor the location of their children at any point in real-time through the mobile phone parents keeping an eye on their children’s arrival and departure from school The movements in and out of school of children presenting their tags on one of the children’s readers are recorded and accessible by the respective parents on the

parents automatically receive an SMS or email if their children did not arrive on time or left school earlier than the schedule .The children’s tag as internal ID The children’s tag can be used by the school as an internal ID in the lunchroom, library, infirmary, in school buses and so forth.
User Advantage

Benefits to parents:

1.You can Complete Traceability of Child’s movement, from home to School and back
2. You get instant information/Alerts about- Arrival at pick up and drop-off stops. boarding and Alighting at School and Stops entering and exiting School premises Bus Geo positioning to get the exact location of the bus mishap Alerts
Benefits to School/Transporter:
1. You get exact information about the moving fleet
2. You Get information about drivers functioning “route Adherence (Geo Fencing) Speed Adherence “Rash Driving Fuel theft instant breakdown alerts planned and unplanned Schedule Alert.


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