The Need Of Fingerprint Verification In Issuing Of SIM Card

The recent Peshawar attack has put the whole world in the alarming situation that how easy now days to get a SIM card and do the crime. Getting a SIM card is as easy as getting grocery or packet of milk. This is available at every nook and corner and can be purchased by submitting some documents as ID Proofs. Any person can get these by producing fake ID proofs and there is no way to stop this. From the Peshawar attack investigation, two SIM Cards were recovered which were issued on the name of two people from Punjab. They later confirmed that their names were misused for getting those SIM Cards.

Integrated-Biometrics-Tablet -ACP 101
Fingerprint Verification technique  is the widest acceptable method of verifying a person. And thanks to the Algorithm providers who now claims to provide the accuracy level of more than 90%. The person applying for SIM cards, his fingerprints can be taken as an identity proof and if he wants to continue using his mobile phone, the demographic and the biometrics details should be entered into the system. The verification can be done using one of the Govt’s Biometrics database.
The new technology like internet and mobile phone has given criminals a new way to communicate and plan which need to be curbed on immediate basis. As India is one of the biggest users of internet and mobile phones, and also prone to terrorist attacks, India should take appropriate measures to curb the misuse of Mobiles and Internet.
Who would have thought that biometric technology using fingerprint verification may help curbing terrorism like this and make terrorist helpless destroying their one of latest hi-tech weapon?

Biometric Fingerprint Technology has once again proved that it’s the ultimate security solution in terms of identification and verification and not limited to few applications and can be used wherever high level user identification required.


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